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Did you know Security Benefits collected at age 62 are about 30% less compared to collecting at the full retirement age, and postponing each year past full retirement age, can equate to about a 7% per year increase in benefits up to the maximum, at age 70?


According to the Social Security Administration, Social Security benefits account for about two-fifths of the total income for current retirees and will be received by almost all baby boomer retirees.  Unfortunately, many retirees start to collect Social Security at the earliest age possible, and by doing so, settle for a reduced Social Security benefit and survivor benefit if death occurs.  This reduction in benefits could be avoided by planning the collection of Social Security.  There are several strategies that can be used to maximize social security benefits during retirement.  These strategies range in complexity from being as simple as Postponing the Claim until full retirement age by using a Single Premium Immediate Annuity to bridge the income gap, to more complex techniques such as the Restricted Application strategy for married couples. 


We realize Social Security plays a major role in retirement and we can help you create a plan to maximize your Social Security Income and survivor benefits.


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